Read Mandy Erickson''s full Mandaloun dining review "Mix-and-Match Mediterranean", special to the San Francisco Chronicle:


The Restaurant

Located in Downtown redwood city, Mandaloun is a place where family and friends can relax and share lively conversation while enjoying seasonal, delicious aromatic foods with flavors that are rich and bold, and arizing from creations that are light and disctinct. We serve meals derived from the Southern Mediterranean Coast recognized as Tapas-Spain, Hors D'oeuvres-France, Enoteca (Primi Piatti)-Italy Mezze-Greece, Turkey & Middle East and Mukabalatt from North Africa. Our constantly-evolving menu is the creation of our excellent Chef who uses only the freshest ingredients available from local growers, farmers and our own patio garden. We have open-air dining in the front of the restaurant and on our back patio. Or enjoy the view of our bustling open kitchen and bar. Whether a light lunch, a full course meal, or just drinks with friends, the place to be is Mandaloun.

Restaurant Review:

"With small plates, medium plates, pasta, pizza and entrees, Mandaloun also covers every appetite. A choice of three small plates for $15 is plenty for lunch or dinner. One of the best is the salt cod and fries ($6 a la carte), which arrives in a paper cone, the pinkie-size pieces of fish tossed in with the fries. Dipping sauces of caramelized onion-flavored oil, red pepper mayonnaise and shallot-infused vinegar all add delicious dimensions...

...All these small, medium and pasta or pizza plates can be mixed and matched for a great shared meal, but the entrees I tried at Mandaloun were standouts. The rabbit ($22) entree is something of a composed salad, with lemon-marinated roasted leg, fingerling potatoes, lightly grilled chanterelles, mini artichokes and turnips, al dente peas, tapenade and a little cube of braised pork belly. The contrasts of sweet meat and sour lemon, al dente vegetables and soft potatoes, pungent tapenade and fatty pork play off one another beautifully..."

--Exerpt from Mandy Erickson, for the SF Chronicle